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Join the Band!

New band members of all ages are always welcome! 

We offer free lessons, so no prior experience is necessary. Practices are every Wednesday evening, 6:30pm at the Deer Lake & West Brunswick Fire Hall in Deer Lake, PA, and lessons for beginners can also be scheduled for alternate times/locations if necessary.

The band provides most of the uniform, including kilts, sporrans, shirts, sweaters, hats, spats and flashes. Members are asked to provide their own belts, hose, shoes, and any additional accessories (kilt pin, sgian dubh, etc.) 


Instruments are also available on loan from the band when needed/available.


Beginner pipers start by learning notes and tunes on a practice chanter. Students should expect to spend several months mastering the basics. Practicing daily for 10 to 20 minutes is more effective than longer, less frequent sessions.


It's recommended that students purchase their own practice chanters, though sometimes the band can provide a used one, when available.

Transition from the practice chanter to the bagpipes takes place once the student has memorized 5 or 6 of the band's standard tunes. The band has a few sets of bagpipes available, and many of our pipers started out loaning a set before purchasing their own.


It usually takes several more months of practice before students are able to play entire songs on the bagpipes. Lessons will cover both musical instruction and proper instrument setup and maintenance. The band can also provide guidance and recommendations for purchasing instruments and other supplies.


Our band's drum line consists of bass, snare and tenor drummers of all ages and skill levels. We invite anyone with different drumming skill levels to learn with us. 

The band owns and issues all drums, harnesses, carry slings and sticks for band members.

For more information, or to schedule a meeting, please Contact Us

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