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4/4 Marches

Scotland the Brave (high hand version) / Rowan Tree

Wings / Brown-haired Maiden

Minstrel Boy / Wearin' of the Green

Rose of Allendale / Old Rustic Bridge

Cockney Jocks (4-part version)

Leaving of Liverpool (McNish Distillary Band version)

2/4 Marches

Barren Rocks of Aden / High Road to Gairloch (Logan's / Scots Guards, Vol.2)

Earl of Mansfield (Logan's)

Highland Laddie / The Black Bear (Logan's / Scots Guards, Vol.1)

79th's Farewell to Gibraltar (Logan's)

Caber Feidh (William Ross Collection)

Johnnie Cope (Long Reveille version, Scots Guards, Vol.2)

6/8 Marches

Bonnie Dundee / The Steamboat (Scots Guards, Vol.1 / RPBA Vol.1)

Piobaireachd of Donald Dhu (Scots Guards, Vol.1)

Atholl Highlanders (Logan's)

Farewell to the Creeks (Scots Guards, Vol.1)

3/4, 5/4, 9/8 Marches

Green Hills of Tyrol / When the Battle's Over (Scots Guards, Vol.1)

Kilworth Hills (Scots Guards, Vol.1)

Cullen Bay (Scots Guards, Vol.2)

Battle of the Somme / MealGorm (Scots Guards, Vol.2)

Heights of Dargai (Scots Guards, Vol.2)

Slow Marches/Airs

Loch Rannoch (Scots Guards, Vol.1)

My Home (Scots Guards, Vol.1)

Green Glens of Antrim (Royal Scots)

For Ireland I'll Not Tell Her Name

4/4 Medley

Intercontinental March / Craigs of Tumbledown Mountain / Meeting of the Waters (2 parts)


Major David MacQueen / The Lark / Sound of Sleat


Teribus / Loudon's Bonnie Woods and Braes / The Fairy Dance


Honey in the Bag 

Glasgow City Police Pipers

Paddy Be Aisey (slip-jig)



Rakes of Mallow


Paddy McGinty's Goat

Clumsy Lover

Itchy Fingers

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